About us

We are two engineers who have decided to put themselves up for a new challenge.

We decided to start our Kickstarter adventures with a wrist watch replica of the Shepherd Gate Clock. I guess you may be wondering why.. The main reason is very simple – we are both very fond of mechanical watches. It always amazed us the level of technical complexity and skills that can be found in such a small device that you can wear on your wrist. The best part.. your movements power the watch, no need for batteries. You can say it’s one of the first version of system powered with 100% clean energy. The decision for the dial layout was very straightforward: what is the watch that would be best suited for such a project? The Greenwich clock jumped into our mind in matters of seconds.

THANKS to the Kickstarter backers, now the replica of the Shepherd Gate Clock is for the first time available as a wrist watch.